Thursday, December 13, 2012

than lan in my helmet!

Leaving school in the afternoon, I found this little guy in my helmet:

Cute... but I'd rather not have a than lan in my helmet for the ride home... thinking of him scurrying down my neck then puts the vision of a bad accident into my head and that's just not needed.

WELL... as I unhooked my helmet from near the boot of my bike, the than lan crawled under the mesh! Goodness. I didn't know how to get him out... and he didn't seem to want to come out.

I stood there for a bit... another teacher came out and laughed with me but didn't know how to help... other than saying maybe I could flood him out with water. (And then have water dripping down my face / neck from the soaking wet helmet the entire ride home, haha.)

After a few more minutes, I was still standing next to my bike, holding the helmet by the chin strap at arm's length, trying to decide what to do about this silly predicament... and our Dean of Students found me. I told him there was a than lan in my helmet... buuut then, of course, I don't see the than lan!

I wasn't sure if the little guy jumped out or what... but I didn't see him anymore.

I tried to tell the Dean of Students that I really wasn't crazy... there WAS a than lan in there before... gave it another check... and then put it on, got onto my bike, and left school for the day!

But of course this story isn't over yet, right?!

...I stopped at an ATM on my way home ...and as I came out to get back onto my bike, the same little than lan ran out the visor of my helmet and jumped onto my bike's exhaust pipe!

He WAS still in my helmet the entire ride to the ATM!!! Little stinker.

Thank goodness (for him AND me!) that he stayed put, hidden in the helmet, on the cruise from school to the ATM.

...The little, crazy things that happen in Vietnam.  :P

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