Friday, November 30, 2012

more foods in Sa Pa

More foods seen in Sa Pa...

This yummy one was my fruit smoothie at dinner our first night   : )

This lady ended up on the table next to ours at a cafe/restaurant Day 2...

The pieces of chicken will be heated on a hot pot during the meal...

Market snacks...

snacks in Cat Cat Village, Sa Pa

On our hike to Cat Cat Village in Sa Pa, there were a few food stalls with various snacks...

That's my snack being heated up! ...Sticky rice in bamboo

I dipped sections of the sticky rice in a little bowl of sesame seeds...

Mr. Vince and Mr. Hmong, Sa Pa

Below are a few photos of Hmong men in Sa Pa.

And the last one includes Vince... in his traditional Hmong men's jacket... and also wearing Elizabeth's cow bell so he doesn't get lost on us (again!).   :P

Thursday, November 29, 2012

windows - Sa Pa

As usual... I found myself (and my camera) drawn to windows... and other random beauty that I spotted throughout Sa Pa. Below are some of my favorite windows...  :P


2012 Terry Fox Run in HCMC

The Terry Fox Run was this past weekend in Ho Chi Minh City.

I sported the tutu again this year... but Ms. Sarah Parker, I missed you dearly my dear!
A tutu is not the same without two.

AIS had a great turnout for this great event!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hmong ladies in Sa Pa

Below are some of my favorite photos of Hmong ladies in Sa Pa.

Trying to sell their goods to incoming tourists...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bookstore in Sa Pa

I took an afternoon walk... walking in the direction away from the center of the town... and found a bookstore! It was closed... but looked very cute.

Sa Pa dogs and cats

The mountainous region of Sa Pa sure seems to love animals! We saw pigs, ducks, water buffalo, and many dogs and cats during our two-day visit. Cats seemed to be everywhere... as my asthma found out.

Vince and Elizabeth cuddling with a cute cat in the hotel our first morning as we arrived from the train and had breakfast.

Cutie in the Cat Cat Village.

Sunny nap  : )

This little guy was our lunch buddy at a cafe our 2nd day.
He loved, loved, loved the owner of the cafe... but if he wasn't following him around, this was his little spot to sit.

thu vien - library in Sa Pa!

The first and only public library I have seen in Vietnam! Thư viện means library in Vietnamese - I'm not sure if I recognized the sign first... or saw the inside of this room, but this library is located on the main street of central Sa Pa. Some men working in the office next door looked at Elizabeth and I curiously as we were so excited to go into the library... no one was in there... but the guys didn't seem to mind that we walked in and looked around.  : )

And they even still have a card catalog! (I want one of these for my future home.)

Elizabeth randomly opened a drawer and flipped to a card...

...and that card just happened to be about Ho Chi Minh! (How appropriate.)

Monday, November 26, 2012

cafe views, Sa Pa

Elizabeth and I had lunch at a beautiful cafe in Sa Pa our 2nd day. We had a window seat with a lovely view... a cute dog keeping us company... and yummy pizza  : )

church in Sa Pa

Taking a walk around the town of Sa Pa, I found this church...