Tuesday, November 6, 2012

weasel poop coffee

That's right... there is a type of Vietnamese coffee that is weasel poop... kind of... well, yes... yes, it is.

From what I understand... the coffee is made from the beans of coffee berries, which have been eaten by weasels (or 'civets')... passed through their digestive tract, pooped out, dried, roasted, and then brewed. For real!

Not only that... it's also the most expensive coffee in the world! (...Costing about $3,000 USD per kilogram.)

Vietnam apparently has two farms with 300 wild civet cats (...at least that's what I read in the Wikipedia article... but can the civets really be wild if they're on a farm for the purpose of ultimately making this coffee??)

Read the Wikipedia article about this here.

Taken from the Wikipedia article: "Weasel coffee is a loose English translation of its Vietnamese name cà phê Chồn, where popular, chemically simulated versions are also produced."

My favorite quote found while searching about this wea
sel poop coffee? --> "Coffee in Vietnam: It's the shit." ...Which is actually the title of an article written in The Economist at the beginning of this year... view the article here.

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