Saturday, November 17, 2012

basket-carrying sellers, Hanoi

There are so many more basket-carrying sellers walking through the streets of Hanoi than there are in Ho Chi Minh City. Two baskets filled with goods (often fruits or vegetables) are hung from a bamboo stick and carried on one shoulder. ...It looks like a back-breaking job!

Most basket-carrying sellers are very nice and will ask if you want to buy whatever it is they are selling. Some will only pay attention to you if you're staring at their goods with a drooling mouth and/or taking photos... but sometimes the sellers will try to put their baskets with bamboo stick on your shoulder! It's like they throw it on you... so that your friend takes a photo... and then they want money or expect you to buy something. Not cool in my book. ...But they do make for great photos, no?

1 comment:

  1. Yes! That's how I got the picture of Dad carrying one of these bamboo sticks with baskets over his shoulder! She put it on him and told me to take a picture. It really is a great photo!