Wednesday, July 31, 2013


LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos!


So cute. (...both then and now, I suppose)

My mom had this photo of Lenny when he was little... and one night after dinner in Denver, this photo was brought up. Next thing Lexey and I know... Lenny comes back into the kitchen with a smirk on his face... and a laundry basket in hand.

He sat down... I got him a book... and we re-took this classic.

Love it!

catching up with the twins! - Stephanie and Francesca, NY

I was able to get together with my good high school friends, Stephanie and Francesca, a couple of times during my week at home in New York.

LOVE these two girls... and it was great to catch up for a bit.

Steph - you and I have same-same shirts on! 
(I didn't realize until the photo was on my computer, ha.)

Grandma's apartment and Baby Hudson

My and I drove Grandma back to her place in Buffalo on Thursday... it was really nice to see where she's moved into. Her apartment is great! I especially like the balcony.

After lunch, my cousin Bonnie came over with her new (first!) baby, Hudson. He's SUCH a cutie! He kept kicking his legs and was great at just hanging out.

Bonnie and Hudson...

Cutie boy!

Mom, Grandma, Bonnie, and Hudson

My Aunt Gail (Bonnie's mom and my mom's sister) came by a bit after these photos too!

Aunt Ann's in Canandaigua, NY

My Great Aunt Fran, her daughter - Karen, and Karen's two girls - Erika and Katey... all drove up from Florida for my cousin Jaime's wedding!

They stayed with my Great Aunt Ann in Canandaigua... so we went for lunch one day.   : )

I love going to Aunt Ann's! She has a lovely house overlooking Canandaigua lake, and there's always a ton of family in the house. It was really great to see Aunt Fran, Karen, and the girls too.

Aunt Ann, Aunt Fran, and Dad...

Mom, Aunt Ann, and Grandma - enjoying the beautiful day...

3 lovely ladies... 3 generations
me, Mom, Grandma

When we arrived, Aunt Ann said that my Aunt Lenore was coming...
And when we heard Aunt Lenore's voice from the front doorway... Aunt Ann looked down the stairs... then back at us... and exclaimed, "Oh my God! You won't believe it!" --> Poppy came!!

Mom watching Aunt Ann freshly fill cannolis!
Yes, please!

Pop kept saying that the only reason he came was to see these two!
(They used to live just 20 minutes away when Poppy and Nonny still lived in Florida.)

Not surprisingly... Dad fell asleep after lunch.
"Wake me up when it's time to go!" HA.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Stella Maris trip, home in NY

Each summer when I'm home in New York, I make a trip out to Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake.

I was a camper for 4 years and on staff for 6... this place is definitely a 'home' to me and I love going for a visit.

The gorgeous stained glass window in the Wegman House lounge.

Tom, Jenn, me, and Armando!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

meeting little Gabby Hines, NY

Mike Hines is my oldest, and still one of my dearest!, friends. We grew up right across the street from one another. He's always been a great friend... coming to see me in my 8th grade formal dress with a corsage for me... being my date to our sophomore semi-formal... and always a listening ear.

A few summers ago, I flew from Denver, CO to Rochester, NY to attend his wedding... and now him and his wife, Keeley, have a beautiful girl, Gabby. I was happy to get the chance to meet this little cutie while home for the week...

Gabby playing peek-a-boo with her mom, Keeley...
(When trying to type 'boo' above, I automatically typed 'book', haha)

The girls on the swing...

SO cute... Gabby started walking back towards the Hines' house... saying,
"Bye, bye! Num nums!" (She was ready for lunch!) Haha.

Gabby with her knew rooster from Sa Pa, Vietnam...

Here's a look at when Mike and I (and his younger brother, PJ... on the far left) were growing up! I don't think we quite reached Gabby's level of cuteness  :P

time home in NY w/Mom, Dad, Grandma

I thoroughly enjoyed my week home in Upstate New York.

My Grandma came to stay with us for 4 nights too! We had a great time.

Mmmmm chocolate almond frozen custard down on the lake at Don's Original...

Grandma crocheting on the back patio one morning... she's making a baby's blanket!

sparklers at Jaime's wedding, NY

At the end of the reception, everyone went downstairs, near the beach and we lit sparklers... standing in two lines, Jaime and Jason ran through the aisle. It was pretty hilarious...

sunset on Lake Ontario, NY

The weather for Jaime and Jason's wedding was awesome. It was a lovely/lucky one-day break in the heat and humidity... there was also a gorgeous sunset...

Friday, July 26, 2013

first dances, Jaime's wedding, NY

Jaime and Jason having their first dance as a married couple...

I love this Italian tradition!
Wrapping the couple in ribbons on their first dance  : )

Let the dancing begin!

Gianna and Dominic - cuties at the wedding!

Shannon and her husband, Tim, came to Vietnam this past February to see me and we traveled to Thailand together. We had a BALL. Their two children, Dominic and Gianna, are awesome kids!

Dominic and Dad - Tim.

Gianna and her great grandpa - GREAT Poppy!

Dominic playing the band's drums -- he's GOOD!

Mom and Dominic  : )

Gianna and Dominic singing along with the band... super cute.