Friday, July 19, 2013

back in Denver -- Botanic Gardens!

Both Andy and Julie (two of my closest friends in Denver) have Mondays off... so we met up, along with Papa Lynes (Andy's dad) and Judge, at Denver's Botanic Gardens in the city. It is always lovely to walk around the gardens, eat something, and stroll / hang out for a while.

(Can you tell that there's been about zero reverse culture shock so far?! I'm just soaking up my time here!! And loving it!)

Papa Lynes and Andy

Lunchtime with Papa Lynes, Julie, and Andy

Judge then arrived! (and made an orange face)

Papa Lynes contemplating with a new friend...

Silly pirate-y antics

Judge and Julie both chasing and capturing amazing photos of the many bees and dragonflies that were out that day!

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