Sunday, July 7, 2013

tailors with Tracy!

Tracy loved the tailors as much as I do  : )

We each had a couple things made in Hoi An...

Gorgeous green blouse...

Bicycle dress!!!
I've been looking for fabric with bicycles on it for two years now... no luck.
Lenny found some at Fancy Tiger in Denver and mailed it to Tracy... who then brought it to me... and we brought it to Hoi An to have this lovely piece made.   : D
I can't wait to wear it to school in Milan!
...Oh -- AND to wear it on my bicycle!!

Back in HCMC, Tracy had the alterations guy copy a couple pieces that she brought with her in different fabrics that we picked out. Super cute.

I will miss him!
We have no idea what each other's names are... nor can we communicate past my minimal Vietnamese and Charades... yet he gets what I want to do with each piece and things turn out really well.

When there with Tracy on her last day in Vietnam, I told him that I was leaving Vietnam soon (could say in Vietnamese "Goodbye Vietnam" and the date, "28".

He asked when I will return and I said, no... GOODBYE / "TAM BIET" -- to which he said, "NO!" Very sweet of him.

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