Thursday, July 4, 2013

trip to My Son with Tracy

Tracy and I covered up for the ride (sunburned the day before at Marble Mountain)... and had a lot of fun! We even stopped by a street-side shop to purchase the amazing arm-length gloves to cover up our hands and forearms for the drive to My Son... stylin'... stylin'...

Ready to ride!
(Oh... and I had forgotten to pack sunglasses for the trip, so I bought these amazing neon green cheapy 'Ray Bans'... yup...)

Walking by, I noticed the word 'Milan' on this sign! Ooooo! That's going to be my next home!
THEN... on the other side of this sign, we noticed that it was the same information but translated into English. ...And sure enough... the 'Milan' word IS about Milan, Italy! My Son (and the protection of what is left of the ancient temples) is sponsored by a university in Italy through UNESCO World Heritage! Awesome!

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