Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bananagrams at Phu Quoc!

When I was moving to Vietnam two years ago, Tracy sent me Bananagrams and a journal as a parting gift.

...Both of which I still use often! No joke, the journal is sitting next to me right now... I've been using it most recently for daily to-do lists while back in Denver AND for cataloging my shipment that leaves Denver for Milan in less than a week!

Bananagrams was a hit in my middle school library in HCMC among the students... as well as in various cafes around the city with my friends. I love that.

I was excited to be able to play with the person that gave it to me! Tracy and I played a couple games at the resort's restaurant after lunch. The staff there enjoyed watching us too... and they were cute when they recognized an English word that one of us would add to our boards.

I never quite know where to position my board when beginning... or which way it will grow as I work on it... the board below had a mean lean to one side!

Tracy's board was definitely more 'square' than mine...

Game two!
It really is two separate boards below... but Tracy was working her way up the table towards mine.   : P


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