Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dad's surprise party, NY

We planned to go out for dinner the night Lenny, Lexey, and I got in to Rochester, New York for our cousin Jaime's wedding. Lenny and Lexey were only there for two nights and then heading back to Denver... and the work week. I stayed in Rochester for the week... and had a GREAT time with family and friends!

Our dinner at the Corner Sports Bar in East Rochester (a regular for my parents') was really a surprise party for my dad and his upcoming 60th birthday! My mom put the whole thing together and it was awesome. Dad didn't expect a thing!

My parents have a wonderful group of friends - great people, whom I really enjoy hanging out with. My aunt, uncle, and grandma also made the drive from Buffalo! Even Poppy came. It was the perfect 1st night back in Rochester.

Poppy, Dad, me...

me, Dad, Grandma

My favorite part of the night?
...Dad telling stories.   : )

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