Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aunt Ann's in Canandaigua, NY

My Great Aunt Fran, her daughter - Karen, and Karen's two girls - Erika and Katey... all drove up from Florida for my cousin Jaime's wedding!

They stayed with my Great Aunt Ann in Canandaigua... so we went for lunch one day.   : )

I love going to Aunt Ann's! She has a lovely house overlooking Canandaigua lake, and there's always a ton of family in the house. It was really great to see Aunt Fran, Karen, and the girls too.

Aunt Ann, Aunt Fran, and Dad...

Mom, Aunt Ann, and Grandma - enjoying the beautiful day...

3 lovely ladies... 3 generations
me, Mom, Grandma

When we arrived, Aunt Ann said that my Aunt Lenore was coming...
And when we heard Aunt Lenore's voice from the front doorway... Aunt Ann looked down the stairs... then back at us... and exclaimed, "Oh my God! You won't believe it!" --> Poppy came!!

Mom watching Aunt Ann freshly fill cannolis!
Yes, please!

Pop kept saying that the only reason he came was to see these two!
(They used to live just 20 minutes away when Poppy and Nonny still lived in Florida.)

Not surprisingly... Dad fell asleep after lunch.
"Wake me up when it's time to go!" HA.

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