Friday, July 19, 2013

back in the States -- Happy birthday to Andy!

I have now been back in the States for almost 3 weeks. It feels GREAT! I've been soaking up the family and friends time... and just enjoying being back in the wonderful areas of Denver, Colorado and Penfield, New York.

Currently I'm at my parents' house in Penfield.

When departing Vietnam, I flew to Tokyo (6 hours) and then went on the new United 787 to head straight for Denver (over 13 hours). Thankfully... the battery on this new plane seemed to do fine throughout the flight and on the landing (other models of this plane  often catch fire to the battery). I stayed in Denver for just under two weeks and then came to NY to spend a week in my hometown and attend my cousin's wedding (posts on that to come!).

I'm really really enjoying my week here... but first, I need to catch up on posts from my time in Denver... beginning with my good friend's birthday!

Andy's birthday was the day after I returned... I met him and friends out for a waffle breakfast and then (naturally) we went to Safeway for some groceries and a another photo!

Reunited with ANDY!   :D

Good friend, Judge, was there too!

The birthday crew helping Andy celebrate in the morning of his special day...

 And then we went to Safeway and met up with Marc and Sam!

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