Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Two doors down from the hotel in Hoi An is Cafe 43. LOVE THIS PLACE.

Family-run cafe restaurant with amazing food... and numerous notes from happy customers all over the tables to prove so.

One of the girls that works there had a fabulous T-shirt on one day while Lenny and I were there last March. The shirt said OH MY GATOS! I loved it!!

I actually found an OH MY GATOS! shirt back in Ho Chi Minh City in the Saigon Square shopping center... but it was weirdly cut diagonally along the bottom.

Back at Cafe 43 with Tracy, the girl was there again and when she recognized me and said hello, I told her that I love her OH MY GATOS! T-shirt and remember it. Hahaha.

Well, sure enough, the next day when Tracy and I went back for dinner (Cafe 43 truly is a place you want to go back to each day you are in Hoi An!), she was wearing it for me!!

I had to get a photo...   : )

PS - I bought the shorts I'm wearing for 30,000d (about $1.50 USD)... and I'm wearing them again right now as I type!

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