Monday, July 22, 2013

S. Broadway Farmer's Market, Denver!

Chia and Sam - owners of Sweet Action Ice Cream, are awesome. AND, adding to their level of Awesome, they put together a weekly farmer's market on Ellsworth and Lincoln in our neighborhood. It's nice to have a market that's on a weeknight... including local food trucks and live music! Well done!

We went to the first week's... and it was a pretty impressive turnout on a gorgeous evening!

Julie and I walked down together... then we ran into Stacy, Wendy, and Becky!
Lenny and Cindy came later, as well as Andy - walking back from work.

Great family atmosphere... cute kid all over... 
...even some Ring-Around-the-Rosie to the live music!

Lamar! Sam and Chia's lovely lady...

Cindy, Lenny, Andy, and Julie...

Sandwiches for dinner from one of the yummy food trucks...

Lovely night!

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