Wednesday, November 14, 2012

celebrity spotting in Hanoi?!

While Vince and Elizabeth went across the bridge on Hoan Kiem Lake to see the temple on Jade Island, I took a quiet moment on a bench with a book.  :)  I had a total of 4 different pairs of people come up to me while sitting on the bench and ask if they could take a photo with me! HA! ...Celebrity sighting in Hanoi?!

I asked two young girls to then take a photo with my camera after taking one with their phone... Hilarious... (and notice my right hand holding on to my bag that I moved from the bench so she could sit down! I didn't want to fall prey to a prank... but everyone really did end up being sweet and just wanting a photo with the Western girl with crazy hair)...

Cuteness by the lake...

The girl on the right in the photo below tried to sell me ...well, whatever it was she was trying to sell. I think she was a bit put off that I didn't buy something from her. ...She then sat with this woman, that seemed to be her mother ...precariously squatting on the edge of the lake! ...Now THAT takes talent.

Then a little boy joined them... cute family picture  : )

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