Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camel's Garden Hotel, Telluride

After searching online for a reasonable hotel in Telluride for a while (definitely not SE Asia prices!), we booked a night at the Camel's Garden Hotel in Telluride. It was wonderful. Great room... with a balcony looking onto the chairlift! I'd definitely stay here again...

...Well... we did end up staying there again, actually!

We had booked one night, since we were getting in late Friday evening. And we planned to camp Saturday night. Turned out... it was going to ran for most of Saturday night and into the morning. We decided to go back to the hotel, got one of the last two rooms available, and comfortably (and dry!) stayed in the same room we had been in the night before. Ha!

The view from our balcony...

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