Saturday, August 3, 2013

KOURA-BEAR in Denver

I feel thankful to be in Denver, Colorado this summer! And to have had a week in my hometown of Penfield, New York with my parents. So far... a wonderful summer... and I'm already trying not to start thinking in the sense that I only have a bit more than two weeks left!

This past spring in Vietnam was tough in some ways and I was wanting to get back to the States to rest, recuperate, and regenerate. So far so good! It's been wonderful.

And I owe a lot of that to KOURA-BEAR. My brother's dog, Koura, is the sweetest thing. He's trained her to be a therapy dog and she's pretty awesome. I lived with her for 4 years while in Denver... since she was a puppy... and I'd like to think that she's happy to have me back too!

I love our morning routine. We go for a run (well... most mornings... errrr some mornings... definitely some mornings!)... and then head down the block to Cafe Europa for a latte... sitting outside with a book... and Koura's nose never stops! She's made a bunch of friends at the cafe now too.

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