Sunday, August 4, 2013

driving to Telluride, CO with Mike!

My friend Mike and I took a road trip a couple years ago to Taos... Taos in a Day! (Seriously... we drove there and back in the same day, ha!)

We decided to go on another road trip this summer... to Telluride! Neither of us had spent time in this cute mountain town... and we both loved it. GREAT weekend getaway.

Mountains, here we come!

Not sure about you... but I think this picture is hilarious.

I'll explain why:

...As soon as we turned to head into Telluride, we were met with flashing lights in front of us. We were made to turn around and go on a detour (and who knows how long that's going to be when you're in the mountains with few road choices!)

The police officer said that there were fires.

(We never saw any signs of a fire... but either way... the rain the next day hopefully helped).

I took a picture of the flashing lights (there were a lot, I swear!)... but what you see above is all that turned out, hahaha.

(And, thankfully, the detour ended up not being that long, nor that far out of the way. It was a dirt road through farmland... and we made it through!)

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