Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Day 2012, NZ

Christmas Day was great! Over 30 family members came to the house to hang out and have a HUGE dinner spread (and HUGE 'pudding' spread!).

Preparing for the big dinner with a little lamb...

I took those photos and then ran back into the house! Helping with the dishes and things were more my speed. ...But I did try a bit of the lamb later on and it was de-lish.

One of Ben's brothers (he has 3) gave him this portion of a phone... which connects to his iPhone. Hahaha. Awesome. All business.

I was able to catch Lenny and Lexey on Skype when it was their Christmas Eve... they were up in Estes Park, CO and waiting for our brother, Sean, to arrive from Leadville, CO. They opened the gifts from me while we were connected on video... I LOVED my time in New Zealand but do wish I could have been with all of them in Estes!

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