Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tairua in Coromandel, NZ

Tairua is a CUTE little town... so small that there is not even a bank.

There is a library though... I went with Mel one afternoon and it's a really nice library. There are a couple restaurants, cafes, shops, a butcher's shop, and even an art gallery.

I walked down to the center of town from Ben and Mel's one morning... it was cloudy but beautiful outside and I enjoyed the 10-minute walk.

These are ferns (I thought they were some kind of cactus at first!)...

A passenger walkway next to the one lane bridge...

Still weird to me that Christmas is a summer holiday in New Zealand!
So cute... the wreath with flip flops!

The harbor fills in enough during the day to fill with water... in the evening, however, you could walk all the way across. Many kids would jump from the walkway bridge into the water... and there would be kayaks out during the day. The amount of water that came and went throughout one day mystified me.

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