Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Tairua Treehouse, NZ

Tairua is a small (small!) town on the North Island of New Zealand in the Coromandel Peninsula area.

I love Tairua! This is where I spent the majority of my first week in New Zealand.

My brother Lenny's good friend, Ben, lives in Auckland with his wife, Mel. The two of them are renting a holiday home for 6 months in Tairua and it is spectacular! ...Like a treehouse!

There are a number of steps up to the house... and the view from the deck overlooks Tairua's harbor. It's so beautiful and peaceful here.

I had my own 'suite' as Ben referred to it! The bottom floor of the house was my own bedroom and bathroom... so awesome.

The steps to get to the house...

My time in New Zealand is definitely one of the best travel trips I've had since living in Vietnam and traveling every chance I get. My time with Ben and Mel was a huge high-light of the trip.  And a big shout-out to Mel for climbing all of these steps each day... while 9 months pregnant!!

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