Monday, January 2, 2012

It almost fell on my head.

I woke up to some noises at 3:15am this morning... I couldn't tell if the 'tinkering' noises were in my bedroom or outside on the patio. 

I turned on my bedroom light, but instead of the reading light above my bed like usual, I hit the light switch below that one (I have a TON of light switches in my place!) and turned on the light that is a built-in border around my room instead.

I then got up to investigate. 

WELL... thank God I got up, because just then a HUGE cockroach fell from the light's ledge INTO my bed near where my head had been!!! Having turned on that particular light ended up being just where the cockroach had been... and turning it on must have made it freak and then it fell off the ledge!

I quickly grabbed shoes to put on and I didn't want sandals with open toes, so I grabbed my wedges with a 3-inch heel hahaha... so I'm cockroach hunting/avoiding in heels.

The roach then runs under my comforter, from my bed, out of the bedroom, and under my kitchen table. I give a screech and jump on the couch.

It proceeds into the bathroom, so I grab a bowl and trap it! 

The antennae keep poking out from under the bowl in circles.  UGH [shudder].

I then go back into my room and carefully/quickly check through my bedding to make sure no more are in my bed.

Seems to be clear.

THEN I go into the living room/kitchen area of my place to check... and I feel like I hear noises from where the garbage is kept.

I get a flashlight and start to move the bag...

No movement.

Then I check under the couch... where the sticky pad is for mice...




So... that's 5 mice now... 2 dead roaches, and a live one in my bed.

It was all enough for me to wake up Mr. Nhan... he took care of both for me... even re-checked my bed after I mime for him waking up from the noise in the lights... and it falling into my bed!

Oh my.

My first night back alone with no family in town... and the animal life is a bit too much for me.

THANK GOD there's not a rat in my place [yet]. Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and I'm telling my landlord about all of this when I pay her rent tomorrow night.

It took me a while (and another investigation!) before getting back into bed. I felt crawlies all over and wasn't sure I really wanted to get back into my bed! ...Couldn't sleep on the couch either... to close to mouse territory.


I have come to terms with the geckos. I have a couple that seem to call my place Home... but the mice and roaches... NOT welcome.

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  1. UGH!! You poor thing. I don't think I could have slept after that!!! Love ya, Kim