Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking around...

Lots of posts and pictures are coming from the past two weeks during my family's visit! My parents flew out of Saigon just before midnight on New Year's Eve. Lenny and Lexey left last night. The goodbyes were not fun but the time I was able to spend with them was greatly needed and I loved it so much... that I'm tearing up right now! I appreciate them making the long trip... putting up with my emotional ups and downs... traveling and adventuring with me... and seeing my life here in Saigon.

Today was a great mixture of relaxation and productivity but tough... I'm finding it harder being on my own here after having a taste of Saigon with my family by my side. I know I can keep doing this though and just need to keep chugging ahead a day at a time. I'm excited to see my friends at work tomorrow and am comforted knowing I've already made good friends here.

Looking back on 2011...

Denver and Leroy Drive Elementary seem as far away in time as in distance. Last year at this time I felt at home in Denver... and was in my 2nd year at a job that I had grown to love. Although I knew at some point in my career I wanted to teach abroad, I also felt as if I could stay the Teacher-Librarian at Leroy Drive Elementary in Northglenn, Colorado for the next 30+ years.

A year ago, I had no idea I would now be living in Vietnam! Sometimes I can't believe I went for it. ...I'm so glad I did.

Looking at my Now:

I first called my apartment in Phu Nhuan District "Home" during my family's visit this past week. As soon as I said it, I noticed it didn't feel totally right but I said it without thinking and that says something at least.

This city is not quite ideal for me BUT I am not ready to leave just yet and know that I will be happy here for the next year and a half. I can say that I love where I am right now in my life. In reference to the term "brass balls" my Dad told me I have "brass ovaries" and he's proud of my being here. Ha! I never knew I even had brass ovaries until throwing myself into this situation. Brass ovaries = brave awesomeness.

Looking ahead to 2012:

I've never really made New Year's resolutions before... and yet, I think that kind of focus will be great for my situation of living and teaching abroad... so here goes... (Too many? Nah... I got this.)

  • Continue adventuring and traveling as much as possible.
  • Save money and work at being minimalistic.
  • Grow as an individual.
  • Concentrate on things that make me happy in Saigon rather than the frustrations.
  • Yoga (at least) weekly.
  • Practice my chai-making skills.
  • Read genres I don't normally read.
  • Continue being a rock star in Vietnam (no musical talent required... just lots of awesomeness).
I've noticed changes in myself since living in Vietnam... lots of growing and learning! Another change that I noticed just recently is that I used to think of New Year's Eve and think, I'll see what this upcoming year has in store for me... but now I find myself thinking, I can do anything in the upcoming year... let's see all that I can do!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to everyone still reading this blog; my family and friends' support back home in the States mean the world to me.  XOXO

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  1. Happy New Year!! So glad you had your family with you and once you're back to work it will be easier to move on in your awesomeness!! Your new nick name - Brassy :)