Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chiang Mai, Thailand

[My camera was on the putz the entire trip... I shouldn't have tried taking my old one, which has been giving me trouble... but I did, so I don't have a ton of photos... or I missed out on certain places (like the huge Chatuchak Market in Bangkok) but with Heather's magic touch, she helped keep my camera going for the most part!]

This is where our hotel was... it was great - mostly because of the owners. They are FABULOUS and very sweet. Oh, and their dog, Happy, is incredibly cute - and hapypy!

The hotel is called Vanilla Place and was recommended to me by my friend Donna.
It is in a great location too... close to restaurants and the night market.

The owner of the Vanilla Place recommended that we eat at Lemongrass.
 WOW. He is so right to recommend this place! It's very popular... and for good reason. The food is amazing. (We went a couple times!)

This cafe was also near our hotel. It's very cute... and includes a small gallery of photographs.
We picked up some iced coffees here.

It was mid-February but the cafe still sported the Christmas decorations!

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