Tuesday, March 19, 2013

up close with the elephants! Chiang Mai

I loved elephants when I was growing up - I still do! ...but my love for elephants was different when I was younger... it was 'my' animal. Two of my closest friends in elementary school each had 'their own' animals too... Tracy loved horses and Christine loved zebras. I collected elephants... stuffed animals, little elephants made of stone/clay/wood... and most of my friends and family gave me elephant-related gifts.

Since moving out of my parents' house years ago, I've gotten rid of many of my elephants (I had 100's!)... but still have some of my favorites and still love this animal  : )

Spending the day at the Baan Chang Elephant Sanctuary just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand was amazing. I was able to get up close to the elephants... feed them... even hug a couple of their trunks!

Going for the bananas and sugarcane!

Mmmmm sugarcane.

Gorgeous guy.

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