Thursday, March 21, 2013

rooftop pool, Bangkok

Yes, please!

We had one more full day in Bangkok, after our time in Chiang Mai, before heading back to Vietnam.

We were trying to figure out what we most wanted to do. There was a river cruise to some markets that we had read about... but then we had just done the river cruise in Chiang Mai the day before... thank goodness Heather casually mentioned being up for some sun... Shannon and Tim were all for that idea... and then I mentioned that we could probably fine a nice hotel with a rooftop pool to pay a daily fee at! Done and done.

Reading the guidebook and looking online, we called a few hotels, took a tuk-tuk to this one... paid about $10 each and spent the day at this deserted rooftop pool... perfection.  :D

Across the street...

Bliss   : )

I stayed under an umbrella the entire day... except the maybe 20 minutes total of being in the water aaaaaaand I got sunburned! Seriously?! This redhead just can't take the sun. But it was still a great day -- and I finished the book I was reading!  :P

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