Monday, March 11, 2013

riding in tuk-tuks, Bangkok

Below are some photos of us riding in tuk-tuks!

OH... I should mention my last trip to Thailand, haha. It was GREAT. My cousin, Shannon, and her husband Tim came... AND my good friend from college, Heather. The 4 of us traveled really well together... adventuring and laughing the entire way. (Well, Tim surely wasn't laughing at my mix-up about the 10-hour night train ride that turned out to be 16... buuuut we'll get to that soon enough, hehe.)

This was mid-February, during the Tet holiday in Vietnam. Tet is the Chinese Lunar New Year. I had about 1.5 weeks off from school... we spent time in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Ho Chi Minh City!

Heather, Shannon, and Tim in a tuk-tuk!

I LOVED having time to spend with this lady.  : )

Shannon and Tim!

A blurry Shannon and Tim ahead of our tuk-tuk in traffic.

Then we started cramming the 4 of us into one tuk-tuk. Hehe. It worked! One of us just sat at the others' feet for the ride. Here, Heather took a photo of me, Shannon, and Tim.

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