Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the tuk-tuk's Thai restaurant

Shannon, Tim, Heather, and I found a Thai restaurant listed in our Lonely Planet guidebook, which sounded really good. We hopped in two tuk-tuks to take us there... but were talked into going to a different, closer Thai restaurant that the tuk-tuks recommended.

Uhhhh... I don't recommend this. Stick to the guidebook! I believe that the tuk-tuks get a commission when bringing people to certain places... such as this restaurant.

The restaurant was fine. The food was fine. But overall, I could have done without the experience... and gone to the original.

I got a chicken curry dish... but it was just this. A plate of chicken. We didn't realize that we needed to order rice separately for all of our dishes!

Heather got morning glory with garlic - which is my favorite vegetable in this part of the world!

Shannon and Tim's seafood...

Then we decided to also order seafood soup that was on fire... we saw a table near us order it. (Although... this was a HUGE room of a restaurant and there were maybe 3 groups there total, including us, haha.)

The soup cooks in this at the table...

This was NOT good. I think we each took one bite and that was all we could muster.

We had much better luck with Thai food in Chiang Mai... I wholeheartedly recommend the restaurant Lemongrass Thai in Chiang Mai!!

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