Tuesday, March 19, 2013

feeding the elephant, Baan Chang, Chiang Mai

Heather and I went around feeding many of the elephants... lots of bananas and sugarcane!

A few photos of Heather with one of the young elephants...

Ha... hungry a little?!

Our guide told us that many people ask why the elephants are chained up if the sanctuary is supposed to help them be happy and 'free'. He described the reason well... basically being that the elephants can still be dangerous (especially since they had such unhappy pasts). ...Also, some of the elephants do not get along well with one another and have to be kept separate! He said that even though they are chained, they are still quite content in the park and are often brought on walks.

(There were two older elephants whom we were warned can be very angry! We couldn't get too close... but were still able to feed them both with a staff member nearby. I liked the one... an old, huge guy of an elephant.)

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  1. Feeding the elephants must have been a dream come true for you!