Sunday, October 7, 2012

kitchen party in Denver!

All of the pictures in this post are screenshots taken during my attendance at Lenny's kitchen party in Denver... through Skype!

I sat on the table for most of the party... and was rotated every now and then.

Lenny and Lexey remodeled the kitchen in their home... where I lived for 4 years before moving to Vietnam. I love the way the kitchen looks now... and can't wait to be able to eat a meal made in it!

The party was Saturday evening in Denver... so I woke up Sunday morning here in Ho Chi Minh... went by a bakery to pick up some treats... a ca phe sua da at a cafe in my neighborhood... and was ready to partake in the festivities on my Sunday morning!

One of Lenny's friends, Dan, showed up... and heard that I was at the party! ...Lenny then turned the iPad towards him... Dan was pretty surprised and we all started laughing.

Gorgeous, yes?!

Here's looking out from the kitchen to the dining room and living room...

Lenny and Brian... making Skype faces back and forth...

I even got to see Koura!

I picked out the tiles for the kitchen's floor when I was in Denver over the summer  :)

Chatting with Lexey and Lenny...

...AND Koura!!!

Then Lenny forgot about me for a bit... and I got a great view of the ceiling  :P  hahaha

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