Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Write Path 2012

Tuesday morning I worked with a group of 12 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to participate in an international writing competition called Write Path. Write Path began in 2008 in the UK and has grown each year to now include over 60 schools from around the world.  

The student participants worked in pairs to add on to a story that is started by a well-known author. With one hour and a 250-word limit, each team worked together brilliantly to develop interesting and fun additions to each story. From our teams’ story additions, other schools in a variety of countries will be adding on to the stories throughout the day.

Once the competition is completed, schools can vote on their favorite schools' writing... all of the stories are published in a book and a copy is sent to each participating school! I love how excited our students get about this event and that they are proud to be a part of our school's team in Write Path.

I was really impressed with the students' writing and how well each pair worked together. We participated in Write Path last school year too... but it seemed to go even better this year!

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