Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trip to Hanoi and Sa Pa

Last week was my school's Fall Break. It was bliss to have a week off and be able to travel!

I went North with Elizabeth and Vince (a married couple at my school... and both great friends). We went to Hanoi (Vietnam's capital) and Sapa (a mountainous region on the border of China).

Our travel itinerary was exhausting... 6:30am flights to and from Hanoi... and two nights of a 10-hour night train between Sa Pa and Hanoi... but worth it.   : )

Below are a couple Google Maps that show where Hanoi and Sa Pa are...

I ended up pretty sick our last day and while traveling back to HCMC. ...It was bed for the next two days for me. I'm back to 100% now and going through my 600+ photos... posts to come!

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