Wednesday, October 3, 2012

neighborhood temples galore!

I went by an ATM in my neighborhood this past weekend... got caught in a huge traffic jam due to a local school letting out mid-day Saturday... so I skipped it and detoured back to the bridge to head into District 1. On the detour... I noticed two more temples right in my neighborhood that I hadn't realized were there before!


Temple across the river...

This one is along the river on my side... but down a bit further than I've been before.

Below is the temple that I've been to a few times
(Lenny and I went together last Christmas when he first arrived)

And this is one of my favorites, which I pass daily... I need to take a moment to stop and check it out by actually going in some day. ...It's on my way to school/gym (the gym I go to is in the building on the left with the blue roof).

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