Monday, October 1, 2012

rainy ridin'

The sky got REALLY dark this afternoon during our faculty meeting at school.

Then the rain began.

And thunder. BOOMING thunder.

I decided to book it home after the meeting... putting TWO ponchos on, my purse in a plastic bag, and I was off!

Well... not only was the rain bucketing down... but the streets were flooded too. Nice.

I told my bike many times how much I love it! ...My Cuxi might be small ...but it's mighty! I was so SO thankful that the bike cruised through the flooded streets. ...Each time the water got really deep (...over where my feet sit) I picked up the plastic bag holding my purse at with my feet...

At points, I did laugh at myself... chugging through flooded streets... getting soaked every time a car cruises by and creates waves... and there I am, driving with ponchos on and my feet up high.  :P

Ohhhh Rainy Season.

...One day last week from school I went by a fruit market that I like, although it's a bit out of my way when I'm heading home. ...Of course, it began raining when I was still about 10 minutes from my apartment. I figured I'd cruise it out, not put my poncho on (I never do that!), and just get wet. It was actually kind of fun and I didn't mind it...

I told myself to enjoy it and think of the rainy ride kind of like puddle jumping.

WELL... it quickly began pouring! I was the only one driving around without a poncho on. ...And this earned many stares and giggles from poncho-covered motorcyclists around me at traffic lights.

I pulled up to my apartment building, Mr. Nhan (security guard) opened the basement door and was surprised to see me -- soaking wet! He kept saying, mua, mua (rain!). Hahaha.

THEN... as I coasted my scooter into it's place in the basement, the two cleaners in Mr. Nhan's little hut area just started cracking up laughing! They thought it was SO funny that I was all wet and hadn't worn a poncho.

It was one of the few times in Vietnam that I've felt cold. THAT felt great.  :P


  1. I love how you find the positive and are making this such an adventure! Thank you for taking us along (through your narrative) on the crazy rainy rides!

  2. What, no picture of you soaked????
    ~Aunt Lenore

  3. Ha! ...I thought about it but didn't even want to touch my camera!
    After parking my bike in the garage, I crawl out of my ponchos (yes, plural) and drop them to the ground as I attempt to get situated with my things. Quite the process :P
    (And THANKS Mom!) Love you both, XOXO