Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moon Cake

I bought myself a small moon cake tonight! Since learning more about the purpose of my new toys and what the packaged baked good is... sugar-filled moon cake for the Moon Festival!... I've been excited to try it.

Yeah... it's pretty gross. I usually have no problem finishing desserts... but this one will be left how you see it above.

This basically tastes like a packaged cake should after sitting somewhere for a few weeks (months??).

Phuong said that it has too much sugar - but there's not much flavor to it at all.

There are different kinds - I think various fillings... but I just chose at random since I didn't know what the labels said. I don't think I'm missing out on other flavors though.

At least now I know :P haha

Sarah's salad for lunch today inspired me to make my own for tomorrow - although I feel like salads are one of those things that always tastes better when someone else makes it.

I love how fresh the ingredients are!! It's still a matter of finding ingredients that I (kind of) know what they are and how to use them. My main struggle at the moment is what I can make and pack for deliciously healthy lunchrs. I have no problem finding snacky foods in the grocery stores but am missing my basics that are healthy and I can work with. It will just be another area of exploration and learning.

I also found Tim Tams :) I actually saw them my first night in my apartment when I went for groceries... but I've been trying to be good and hold off. An entire package is 20,000 ($1.00). This will be a nice, sweet treat.  :)  So glad we're somewhat close to New Zealand! I will have to find friends here to have coffee meetings with. (Actually! ...I just set up a cafe date with Sarah for tomorrow after school... perhaps I'll bring these with me.)

My neighbor, Joseph, got back in yesterday. He is the one that was present for the con than lan (lizard) spotting. He said that he's been in Thailand for work. He brought me a treat back from Thailand!...

That was so thoughtful -and unexpected- of him!

And mentioning the con than lan spotting... hahaha... I forgot to post an update.

I haven't seen another lizard at all, which is great. BUT the morning after the whole debacle, I was telling Phuong about it and asked her how to say lizard in Vietnamese (since I knew I was probably not pronouncing it right from my dictionary and both Mr. Nhan and Mitali laughed when I would say it).

Phuong said, than lan, just like I had pronounced it... but my dictionary had said con than lan. She laughed at me and said that con just means animal. hahaha... I'm not sure why my dictionary needed to include this - but that's probably why it was so funny to Mr. Nhan and Mitali!

I kept saying, "Animal lizard! Animal lizard!" hahaha



  1. Hey Stacia, maybe Phoung can teach you to say "small dragon" then you can try that on Mr Nhan and Mitali the next time you see the lizard, that should bring a few chuckles :) -Milton

  2. I love salads made by other people too! Yours looks delicious. I would love to set up a skype with Poppy soon...I'm new to that though. He told me you called him!!!!
    Love, Aunt Lenore

  3. haha, Milton - I love that idea. :P They would love it.

    Aunt Lenore - the salad was "ok" - I still need to figure out what'll work for me. :P It was so nice to talk to Poppy! I need to do it more... but the timing is always funky. My mom is trying to set up a Skype date with him too. That'd be awesome :) XOXO