Wednesday, February 20, 2013

all alone in Queenstown, NZ

I really enjoyed my time in New Zealand... and also enjoy traveling on my own... but a lonely / funny moment happened to me while in Queenstown for a day.

Surrounded by families while in line to get on the gondola, I ended up in a gondola cable car on my own. There was a photographer going cable car to cable car, taking photos of each group... which you could later purchase.

Well... as the photographer finished with the group ahead of me and my cable car swung around to where he was, he looked inside at me... and continued on to the next car with a family of 4 inside!

HA! ...Once the photographer saw just one person, he figured I didn't need a photo to commemorate the experience. D'Oh!  (Well, he was right... I didn't need the photo... but no better way to make me realize how 'solo' I was on this trip, haha.)


There's the photographer after passing me by...

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