Tuesday, February 26, 2013

taxis, oh taxis - Bangkok

When I decided to head to the Grand Palace in the morning, the hotel called a metered taxi for me. I have had some trouble with taxis in Bangkok before... most of them refuse to use the meter -- even though the top of their taxi has a big METER sign!

The lady at the hotel said that the taxis ride to the Grand Palace from the hotel should be between 70 and 90 baht (so... about $3USD).

I got into the taxi that she called... and the guy said, "300 baht to Grand Palace."

Uhhhhh, no. That's more than 3 times what she told me it should be!

He argued with me about it... stuck to his 300 baht and said that there was traffic (there is ALWAYS traffic in Bangkok)... OR he would charge me 100 baht to take me to a boat that would then take me to the Palace. Uhhhh, no thanks.

As I was getting out of his taxi, he then said... "Ok! ok! 100 baht to Grand Palace."


I went back into the hotel, the lady called another taxi, and I got this young girl driver...

She did laugh at me when I asked her to turn the meter on... but she did... and it was 80 baht to get to the Grand Palace... perrrrfect.

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  1. Good for you to do your research ahead of time so you could be sure you were not being charged too much. And, good for you to stick to your guns - 300 baht! Sheesh!