Tuesday, February 5, 2013

waterfalls along the drive, FJ to Wanaka, NZ

Lenny told me to make sure to stop at every waterfall along the way! ...So I did! 

Most of the time, I wouldn't see the sign for a waterfall until it was too late to stop and pull over, so I would drive along until I found a spot to turn around and head back. The driving day was nice... figuring I would just take my time along the way and enjoy.

The first waterfall I came upon was Roaring Billy Falls and included a 20-minute 'forest walk'.

The forest walk to the falls was nice. I found this lovely silver fern... and realized how appropriate the name is!

Forest Walk
(I've mentioned that I don't care for hiking solo, right?!)

Roaring Billy Falls...

Thunder Creek Falls...

This was the biggest waterfall I saw along the way... and is a major tourist stop. All of the big tour buses were stopped here for passengers to see the falls. I was often the only person (or one of few) at most of the other waterfalls.

Fantail Falls...

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