Tuesday, February 26, 2013

stockin' up!

I did a GREAT job of stocking up on yummy chocolates while in New Zealand! Haha. I still have a bunch... although a good chunk of it IS already gone.

My brother and parents told me that these 'pies' from gas stations are surprisingly good... so I tried one while in Franz Josef and you know what? -- It was pretty good! The fat content is super high... but for a wrapped 'pie' as a meal, it was delicious. (But after having this... my mom told me that theirs weren't pre-packaged... haha, oh well.)

Returning to HCMC from spending the winter holidays in New Zealand, I had a package from my brother awaiting me on my desk at school -- sweet!
I literally laughed out loud as I opened the package and found inside: TWELVE boxes of macaroni and cheese... AND a bag of mixed chocolate bars - awesome! Hahaha.
Sean... thank you for this... I'm enjoying the goods and have plenty of mac and cheese for the rest of my time in Vietnam.  :P

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