Monday, February 18, 2013

Lake Wanaka and The Remarkables, NZ

Wanaka is a little vacation town with shops and restaurants... easily walkable and lovely lovely lovely.

Lake Wanaka is set in front of The Remarkables... and simply gorgeous...

I spent 3 nights in Wanaka, including New Year's Eve. It was a busy time for the town... my guidebook said that all the teens on the South Island flock to Wanaka for NYE... and it felt like it too.  :P  Apparently Queenstown is just as nutty (if not more!), as the most popular NYE destination for families. I went on a day trip to Queenstown on the 30th and really enjoyed it... I loved both spots, really.

Here is a quick 360 video of Lake Wanaka and The Remarkables (sorry, the end gets fuzzy from zooming in too far)...

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