Friday, December 2, 2011

ANGKOR WAT here I come!

One of the science teachers and I have signed up for an international run in Angkor Wat! We fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia tomorrow morning, the run is Sunday morning, and we will return to HCMC Monday evening. I'm SO excited to visit this UNESCO World Heritage site, which is full of temples and the largest pre-industrial city in the world.

Ryan has signed up for the 1/2 marathon and I will be running the 10K (which I am still pretty proud of... considering it is my first organized run).  :)

I'm debating whether or not to pack my tutu for the race. I DO plan on buying an awesome fanny pack at the Ben Tanh Market tonight when I go there to exchange some dong for USD (pretty excited to be able to use the US dollar in Cambodia!).

(The term fanny pack is way funnier to me now that I know what the word fanny means in England! HA! The little differences that come up between countries still catch me off guard sometimes but in funny/interesting ways.)

Anyway - Siem Reap should be great. I'm glad to be going this weekend and get a headstart for when I go back in two weeks with my parents and brother! I've also gotten some advice on things to do and specific temples to see from other teachers (like our art teacher who lived in Cambodia before here!).
So... come Tuesday, I will hopefully begin posting some SPECTACULAR photos! 

...Amazing, RIGHT?!


  1. I can't wait to see this in person! It looks so amazing! Especially the tree roots running over the building/temple.

  2. Stacia - You continue to amaze me! I am curious though. What does fanny mean in England? Good luck with your run! I know you will do well. Love, Aunt Gail

  3. Stacia, I can share with Aunt Gail! (I googled it!)