Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret Pals

I decided to set up Secret Pals at the middle school... I wasn't sure if the teachers would be that into it... but it turned out really well! 13 of us participated and I think everyone enjoyed it... it's always fun to find a little treat on your desk.  :) 

Each day for a week we gave a small something to our pals... and Friday we went out to Pacharan for a drink and the final gift/reveal.

Shelly's Secret Pal was Jim, our principal! (She had no idea it was him.)  :P

I was Lester's Secret Pal (he's our Mandarin teacher)... he had no idea!

Ryan... checking out what Patrice got him...

Jeff was Patrice's Secret Pal and gave her a certificate for a mojito on him!
So cute  :)

Michael opening his present from Sarah.  :)

Some people were out of town... but we had a good turnout at Pacharan and it was nice to get together for a holiday drink!

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