Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ta Keo Temple / South Gate / Elephant Terrace

From Ta Phrom I headed towards the Elephant Terrace area... on the way, I took some shots of Ta Keo Temple. I want to get back to this temple with my family... and climb to the top!

I had the tuk tuk stop here... HAD to get some pictures of this... amazing.

Driving through the South Gate was great... it turned out to be part of my 10K run the next morning as well.

Through the South Gate, we reach the area called Elephant Terrace. The time of day was perfect for a beautiful, sunny view!

 This tree was huge! Under it are many stalls of food, drinks, and knick-knacks... the same things are sold at every temple area. I read the suggestion that it is best to buy here and there... and spread your money around at each temple; many people live within the Angkor Wat grounds and selling goods to the tourists is their income.

View of Elephant Terrace:

Ha - my tuk tuk driver wondered what I was taking a picture of here... I liked his star lights!

Driving through the South Gate again... heading back to the hotel. 

Above is my first view of Angkor Wat Temple! 

The owner of the hotel just took in this puppy, Bella :)

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