Friday, December 9, 2011

Angkor Wat International 1/2 Marathon

Big crowds aren't really my thing. Some people are apparently very into marathons and take it extremely seriously. About 15 minutes before the run began, I was questioning whether it was really for me. 

I originally figured I would sign up for the 10K and it would be a great reason for me to get to Angkor Wat! 10K might be a daily jog for some... but it would be the longest I'd ever run at one time... 

I thought about leaving before the race even began to start sightseeing and exploring on my own... the crowd just wasn't my thing. I mean, check out the line to the bathrooms below!...

...and the line...

...But I took a look around (at the sights instead of the people) and told myself I'd do it. I would zone in on my music and my breathing... take in the amazing surroundings... and do the run for myself.

I stopped now and then for a photo... BUT other than the following photos, I ran the entire 10K!! This is better than I thought I would be able to do.  :D

Coming upon the South Gate.

Just keep running... just keep running...

Sight of Bayon Temple  :)

Elephant Terrace!

...And then I made it to the 5K-point turnaround ...YEEAHHH!

My ankles and knees were really bothering me but I kept trudging along. The race was great... but I kept finding myself thinking that it would be nice to be able to do something like this run with another person. It would be a lot more enjoyable. As I ran through the South Gate, there were 3 people standing on the other side cheering everyone on. Just those 3 people clapping gave me renewed energy and I was able to pick up my pace... and my spirits! At this point... I was about 8K along...

Aaaaand the finish line!

...That's right  :)

I planned to write on here that this race was great (it was), I am very proud of myself (still am), but that I don't really want to do another organized race... like my elephant ride in Dalat, once is enough for the experience. BUT, back in school Tuesday, I already found myself thinking of wanting to try and beat my time from this race! ...We'll see how things go. All-in-all, the race went well and the weekend was awwwwwesome.  :D

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  1. Oh, your post about the crowd waiting for the start, and the long bathroom lines, and the excitement and anxiety - it all made me wish I was there!!! Then I saw your pictures and I am very very jealous and also proud of you for doing a 10K for your first race. You ROCK!

    I hope you do more runs. It's a great way to meet people and to see beautiful sights on foot. I'm loving your adventures. Kim