Saturday, June 8, 2013

help! title?

As I prepare to leave Vietnam... spend a bit of time in the States... and then head on to Milan, Italy... I figure I'll need to change the title of this blog.

I want to keep the blog going once I get to Milan, although the posts might slow down a bit... beginning a new job and all.

With that... Help! I'd love some comments/thoughts/ideas on a good title for this next move in my life.

And actually... I'll be living in a suburb just outside of Milan, called Opera...

So... I've come up with some possibilities but none feel quite right just yet. Some of these ideas are below... but comment to this post or email me with your ideas! I'd love it.  : )


Stacia in Milan 

Milan meanderings

Adventures from Milan

makin' it in Milan

Milanese livin'

Stacia's in Opera?! not The opera...

Oh, Opera

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