Monday, June 10, 2013

memorable Monday moments

This is the last week of the school year... and this morning we took all of the middle school students to see the movie, Epic. I enjoyed the animated 3-D movie a lot... and so did the students! It was pretty funny to sit in the theatre and hear collective Awwwwwww's over a giant mouse... and huge laughs at the quirky one-line jokes. Very cute.

And then the huge reaction to the *kiss* (of course!)... haha.

I've just now gotten back from getting some groceries at the local CoOp Mart... and on the two-block walk from my apartment to the store, I brought a bag of extra fabrics to my neighborhood tailor. After the lady got her daughter to help translate, she understood that I was giving her the fabrics... and she was stoked! She took my hand in both of hers... I pulled her in for a hug... and then she squeezed and didn't want to let go! She's so sweet. She wants me to make sure to stop by and say goodbye on my last day here.

I'll miss this tailor... the fruit lady on the corner... and the neighborhood xe om guys a lot.

(Side note... I'm pretty proud of how much I've been able to use my numbers in Vietnamese to communicate lately. The neighborhood tailor wanted to know when I leave Vietnam and I was able to tell her the 28th of this month... mostly by pointing down... trying to say now / this month... and then saying hai muoi tam... meaning, 28. Yeah!)

Final 'moment' so far today... climbing the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment with groceries, unlocking the door to my apartment, and hearing the start of sprinkles on the roof... to then turn into steady rain two seconds later. I love when that happens! ...Sometimes the timing works well.   : )

To all of my friends and family in the States... your Monday is just beginning... have a wonderful day! XOXO

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