Friday, June 28, 2013

my 4th go at Hoi An

I love love love Hoi An, Vietnam! This ancient UNESCO World Heritage town is just lovely. One of my favorite spots in Vietnam. I'm glad that Tracy was able to see it with me during my final week-ish in the country.

The colors, the quaintly calm feeling, and of course the tailors, are all part of what I love! ...But I also love that Hoi An is small... easy enough to walk or ride a bicycle all over... and yet, each time I have visited Hoi An I have done something new/different (as well as my usual favorites).

Below is a view of the main river from my favorite cafe, Mango Rooms.
Our rented motorbikes are parked by the river... we thought we did well not parking IN the river!

Gorgeous weather... the following photos were taken looking at the main part of the town from across the river (it's a nice drive through a more local area... not at touristy)...

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