Sunday, June 9, 2013

visiting little Dung in the hospital

The school that I work at raised enough money through Grace's Cookies to sponsor another child for lifesaving heart surgery. Little 4-year-old Dung (shown below) had the surgery a few days before we went to visit him. We brought toys and played with him and his mom for a bit. The visit was set up too late for us to be able to set up having students come with us... but Elizabeth, Michelle, and I went and it was a great visit.

Dung is a gorgeous young boy and I'm so happy that he can now grow up to be a healthy boy and lead a healthy, strong life! My involvement with Grace's Cookies and Heartbeat Vietnam is definitely one of the best parts of my two years in Vietnam... incredibly meaningful.

Dung loved seeing photos of himself on the camera! He'd actually squeal a bit. Haha.

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