Saturday, June 8, 2013

the most expats in one spot...

A couple weekends ago I went to Saigon Outcast for their Melting Pot charity event. It was great... a great space, vendors around the area, good food, live music, and a ton of people hanging out.

There was even a sparkly face-painter!

with Laura...

Sara and Michelle invited their two Vietnamese buddies... and one of them (below) wanted to take a photo with me and my crazy face/hair...

Then the photographer of the event wanted photos of Dan and I (...Dan always looking sharp in a 3-piece tailor-made suit)... and, of course, it turned into jumping shots   : )

The Melting Pot was a lot of fun... but weird in that there were the MOST expats in one area that I've seen yet in Saigon. I know events like this happen often enough here... and I know that there IS a population of expats in the city... but I don't usually make it to these events. It was fun for a night.   : )

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