Sunday, June 9, 2013

playing with Dung post heart surgery - love this kiddo!

I really enjoyed playing with Dung. He was still in some pain from the surgery... mostly from the IV still in his hand, but he was a joy to hang out with, play with, and laugh with. (His mom was a good sport too!) Dung was quite shy (and even scared, it seemed!) at first... but opened up after a bit and we had fun. He really loved the picture books!  :D

As we were leaving, the sponsor from Heartbeat Vietnam translated for us that Dung's mother said that she will never forget us... and that we have changed her family's life. It was pretty incredible. I'll never forget her or Dung either!


  1. Milan Opryland or Opryland Milan!

    ~Aunt Lenore

  2. No more students coming along with you guys this year? Oh I miss last year when we gave the boy the card and the mustache stickers

    1. We did have students with us for our Fall visit with 12-year-old Sang... but this time, our visit was not confirmed until the day before and there was not enough time for permission slips and all through school to have students come along. We wish that could have worked out... but it was still a great visit. : )